Old Stone Man Sightseeing Park

I. Profile of Sightseeing Park

Qingdao is a beautiful tourist city, with a city in the sea, a sea in the city, red tiles and green trees, blue sea and blue sky. The most beautiful places are the seashore and Laoshan Mountain. If we compare this long coastline to a necklace, then the Old Stone Man connecting the city with Laoshan scenic spot is the most dazzling pearl on the necklace. Behind the Old Stone Man who has stood for countless centuries lies the Old Stone Man sightseeing Park.

Old Stone Man Sightseeing Park was founded in 1999 with an area of over 400 mu. It was officially opened in April 2003 to accommodate tourists. In 2017, Laoshan Tourism Group formally took over and operated Old Stone Man Sightseeing Park to enrich the tourism industry chain. Relying on the legend of the Old Stone Man, the tourist park faces the vast sea and the rolling Laoshan Mountain. It organically combines the beautiful scenery of nature, touching myths and legends and modern high-efficiency agricultural production, each with its own characteristics and brings out the best in each other. Especially in terms of natural resources, there are more than 160 kinds of natural plants in Old Stone Man Sightseeing Park, mainly including honeylocust, Sophora japonica, osmanthus fragrans, persimmon, sinomenine, catalpa bungei, white fruit tree, magnolia, peony, winter tolerance and other varieties. The vegetation is well protected and there are many treasures.

Opening hours

Low season (November.1-March.31)

08: 00-17: 00

High season (April. 1-October. 31)

07: 30-17: 30

Ticket information

Low season (November.1-March.31)

40 RMB for full price ticket

20 RMB for half price ticket

High season (April. 1-October. 31)

60 RMB for full price ticket

30 RMB for half price ticket

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Old Stone Man Sightseeing Park has a good location advantage. The park is located at No.1 Laoshan Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao City. It is adjacent to Laoshan Scenic Area in the east and Laoshan District's main business circle in the west. It is the only way from downtown Qingdao to Laoshan Scenic Area. Its surrounding facilities include a financial center, an international convention and exhibition center, a city stadium, Qingdao Grand Theater, an international golf course, etc. The scenic spot has beautiful mountain scenery, integrating coast, mountain Woods, humanities and agriculture, and has unique scenery. It has been successively awarded "National AAAA Grade Tourist Attraction", "National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Site", "National Comprehensive Agricultural Development Project Area", "Shandong Honest Tourism Demonstration Base", "Qingdao Popular Science Education Base", "Qingdao Soil and Water Conservation Demonstration Site" and "Most Popular Qingdao Tourist Attraction". "Qingdao Integrity Tourism Demonstration Site", "Qingdao Excellent Tourism Destination", "Qingdao Environmental Friendly Unit", "Qingdao Standardization Pilot Enterprise" and other honorary titles have won recognition in Qingdao "Tourism Industry Service Quality Year" activities, becoming an important business card and window for Qingdao to show to the outside world.

II. Main Scenic Spots

There are more than 20 scenic spots in the Old Stone Man Sightseeing Park. The main scenic spots include Tea Park, Flower Creek, Love Woods, Wolong Stream, Xiaoyao Valley, Wenwu Pavilion, Tianyun Hall, Hanging Boardwalk, Huixian Pavilion, Duxian Lane, Heaven Street, etc., which are the essence of Qingdao's mountain and sea features.

Tea Park

Xiaoyao Valley

Duxian Lane

Heaven Street

Hanging Boardwalk

Huixian Pavilion

Attractions profile:

(1) Tea Park: The tea Park has imported traditional fine tea varieties from the south, planted on sunny sloping fields with moderate soil acid and alkali, watered with clear and sweet Laoshan water, moistened by sea fog, intensively cultivated and intensively cultivated with high-quality base fertilizer, produced in a completely pollution-free way and finely processed and fried. The tea produced is of excellent quality, strong color and fragrant taste, and is a treasure among Laoshan tea.

(2) Flower Creek: The longest flower creek in Qilu land, with gurgling streams and fragrant grass, is refreshing.

(3) Love Woods: Legend has it that a couple of immortals planted these two oaks on the tortoise stone. The two oaks are luxuriant in branches and close to each other, just like a couple attached to each other, attracting many lovers to make love vows here.

(4) Wolong Stream: The winding path winds up the steps, with delicate wooden cabins strewn at random on both sides, known as "Hermit Villa".

(5) Xiaoyao Valley: The valley is deep and quiet. Tourists can enjoy the flowers blooming and falling, clouds rolling and clouds rolling, full of romantic colors.

(6) Wenwu Pavilion: the literature can lead a peaceful life, martial arts can set the country, and cultural talents and tactics are fully displayed in Wenwu Pavilion.

(7) Tianyun Hall: The deep reflection of vegetation reveals great momentum. It is said that those who come to Tianyun Hall can run from time to time and have a safe life.

(8) Hanging Boardwalk: It is reputed as the "No.1 Hanging Gallery in the North of the Yangtze River". During walking, it feels like walking in clouds and mist.

III. The scenic area tourism routes recommended (four lines)

(1) Leisure and comfortable route: main entrance-Old Stone Man Legend Wall-Dashuzu-Tea Park-Waterwheel-Huaxi-Xiaoyao Valley-Heaven Street-Xiaoyao Valley-Tianyun Gallery-Golden Persimmon Woods-main entrance exit (number of scenic spots: 9)

Line profile: It is suitable for families such as the elderly and children to visit and relatives to visit. There are fewer steps and more roads to visit. There are many areas for photographing and resting along the way. Xiaoyao Valley and Heaven Street are available for children to visit and play. The stone stool in the Tianyun Gallery can be used by the elderly to rest. The tour time is 2 hours.

(2) High-altitude and long-distance route: main entrance-Shi Laoren Legend Wall-Big Tree Ancestor-Tea Park-Waterwheel-Love Woods-Heaven Street-Duxian Lane-Hangang-Huixian Pavilion-Heaven Street-Shuangguan Pavilion-Five Blessingg Stone-Tianyun Gallery-main entrance exit (number of scenic spots: 13)

Route profile: suitable for young people or mountaineers, with long tour distance and relatively many steps. Along the way, we pass through the scenic spots of Heaven Street to the Huixian Pavilion on the top of the mountain. We can see the mountain and sea in a panoramic view. The sky and the sea are all in one color and the clouds and shadows are all sparkling. The mountain wind is Xu Lai and the green is towering. When clouds and fog rise, the mountain and sea merge like fairyland. The way down the mountain to Shuangguan Pavilion is another sight to watch from different angles. Tour time: 1.5 hours.

(3) Lines of birds and flowers: Ximen Entrance-Manlong Story-Naidong Park-Bamboo Woods-Hermit Villa-Heaven Street-Xiaoyao Valley-Huaxi-Waterwheel-Tea Park-Wolong Bridge-Tianyun Gallery-Main Exit (Number of Attractions: 11)

Profile to the route: The scenery is beautiful all the year round. There are many kinds of flowers and trees. Rare flowers and trees are settled here. They are picturesque and beautiful. Some are thick and graceful, while others are colorful. full of green shows people a beautiful life. Tour time: 1.5 hours.

(4) Praying route: main entrance-Old Stone Man Legend Wall-Big Tree Ancestor-Tea Park-Waterwheel Wenwu Pavilion-Tea God Residence-Ci Zi Pavilion-Tian Yun Dian-Du Xian Fang-Heaven Street-Shuangguan Pavilion-Wu Fu Stone-Tian Yun Corridor-main entrance exit (number of scenic spots: 12)

Profile to the route: There are many Taoist temples along the tour, which are filled with profound Taoist cultural atmosphere and complement the profound Taoist culture in Laoshan. It is suitable for tourists who have Taoist beliefs or wish for blessings. Tour route: 2 hours.

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